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Recruitment:what attitude to adopt during a job interview?

Having the right gestures during a job interview

Hands are our best friends for touching and feeling the environment around us, but they are our worst enemies when we are in a delicate situation. We often do all the same gestures without realizing it:we touch our lips, we run our hands through our hair, we rub our hands... It is important to master these parasitic gestures during a job interview. . They can betray our stress, and the recruiter can interpret these signs as a lack of self-confidence. If you don't know what to do with your pretty handcuffs, grab a pen! Or else, put them on your thighs, and try not to move them! Appear to be interested in your interviewer when recruiting. Tilt your head slightly as a sign of approval and concentration, and don't be afraid to gesture broadly when you speak. You can practice in front of the mirror or with your lover!

Keep a relaxed attitude during all phases of recruitment

When you arrive and meet your recruiter, inevitably comes the handshake! It is said that a lot is played out in this handshake. It should be firm but flexible. A little tip if you have sweaty hands:keep a handkerchief with talcum powder in your pocket. The most important thing is probably to look your interlocutor in the eye and give him a smile! Speaking of smiling, don't be in smirk mode for the duration of the job interview either... It is recommended to have a neutral attitude with a spontaneous and warm smile. If you have several people in front of you, don't panic! Look first at the one that is addressed to you, then take turns at the others for just a few seconds. Then go back to whoever asked you the question. So you don't neglect anyone.

Always stay natural for the duration of the job interview

This is the secret of successful recruitment:naturalness! You have to find a balance between spontaneity and a certain restraint. In any case, try to make the exchange positive and not focus on a question. Be sure of yourself, while remaining attentive and interested in what your interlocutor is saying. A little exercise to do before can be effective:work on your breathing and your voice. It can sometimes tend to rise quickly in the treble! Practice lowering your voice and regaining your composure. We often see this as a painful ordeal, but recruitment is a moment of meeting and sharing. If you have a good attitude, relaxed and smiling, your recruiter will also take more pleasure in exchanging with you.