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Employment:how to arrange your small corner of open space

The basic elements of a successful open space

Before converting your own space into an open space, the open space itself must meet important criteria for the good work of everyone. First of all, you should know that the AFNOR NF X 35-102 standard on the ergonomics of workspaces recommends providing at least 10 m2 per employee. In the case where the telephone exchanges are important, a space of 15 m2 is often recommended. Also, visual or telephone face-to-face meetings are not recommended since they encourage deconcentration or even stress. Finally, favor furniture with rounded corners to give an impression of harmony while promoting dialogue. In addition, be sure to set up retreat areas, out of sight, in your open space, to meet the needs of employees. Finally, sound insulation is one of the points not to be overlooked when creating an open space:insulating panels, carpeting, are little extras that facilitate calm in the office.

Comfort above all

After having ensured an optimal and practical layout for an open space area, the comfort of the employees is one of the most important priorities. Each employee's office must be functional and large enough to accommodate a computer, a telephone, and an area for receiving documents or writing. The same goes for the office chair, which must promote a straight back and an important comfort for the well-being of the employee.

A clear and practical space

For each work area of ​​the open space, the employee must feel comfortable. Its space must be clear, with optimal brightness, while ensuring practicality. Drawers, storage boxes, supplies and quality computer equipment, everything must be thought out for efficient work in open space without wasting time. Whether using collective or individual storage, the employee must be able to have his documents and supplies nearby. On the color side, we also avoid flashy and bright colors that cannot please everyone, to bet on taupe and pastel shades. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the best solution to optimize work is a clean, tidy and organized office. Also, decorate your office with a light green touch with a plant or flowers.

A slight customization

Despite the perspective of the open office, delimiting each space is very important in an open space. Thus, on your workspace, a slight customization of the desk is possible with, for example, a personal supply box, a wall decoration if you are against the wall, or even a plant or frames. The goal is to bring a personal touch to your workspace, without obstructing the neighbor's office. Employees therefore bring a part of themselves into their respective spaces, while making sure to create homogeneity in the open space.