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Challenge:put some fun in the office #2

2/ We create a climate of “confidence-marrade”

Attention, little funny:we see you coming, with your mischievous eyes and your crooked smile! It has its charm, but be aware that this sign of pre-marrade can also scare some people:marrade on what? On which ? On me ? On my leg that's too short? On my trivergent strabismus? On my totoment? This is the ambiguity that should be removed:are you the type to laugh "with" or to laugh "at"? Because nothing is more unpleasant for others – and less conducive to good humor – than feeling threatened. Keynes showed us how much confidence influences the economy, well confidence also has an effect on marrade. It's up to us to know how to create the right shock of trust. How? 'Or' What ? Starting with self-mockery – but never professionally. And if you are in lack of inspiration, refer to exercise professionals:“I finally have the body of my dreams. Especially since I have rotten dreams” (Louis C. K., American comedian). "Notoriety has brought me a big advantage:the women who say no to me are more beautiful than before" (Woody Allen).