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GoToMeeting tips for your next online meeting

When it's time to plan an online meeting, whether it's with a team spread across the country or just around the corner, GoToMeeting is a robust tool with great features. Accessible via the web and on mobile devices, the app is perfect for busy professionals on the go How to Give an Online Presentation from Anywhere How to Give an Online Presentation from Anywhere Working with a global team or from home? The ability to give a presentation in real time is a professional necessity. Here are five tools to present from anywhere in the world. Read more.

If you're new to GoToMeeting, here are details to make your online meeting a success.


The first step to using GoToMeeting is to sign up for an account. You canStart with a free account with limited features to test the service. If you like it, GoToMeeting offers three paid plans, currently starting at $19 per month, with useful features for more meeting participants.

The registration process is simple. 9 Free Video Conferencing Web Apps. Registration is not required. 9 Free Video Conferencing Web Apps. Registration is not required. Who has the time to jump through hoops? Quick collaboration is the name of the game. These nine video conferencing tools provide ease of use to help you be productive. Read More You can then start web audio and screen sharing for up to three meeting attendees.


After you create your account with GoToMeeting, the setup process is as simple as the registration process. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to login. You'll then set up your personal meeting room, which is basically an editable link that you can provide to your participants.

You may want to Save this link in your notes for future reference. - But with GoToMeeting it's always at your fingertips.

Then you can get started right away or schedule a meeting. If you are starting a meeting, you can click Share button and receive the necessary details to invite your attendees. However, it's a good idea torun a test meeting on your own just to get used to the features of the app before inviting others.

Installing the application

If you are starting a meeting for the first time, you will need to download and install the Citrix Online Launcher.

The process is the same whether you're using a Windows or Mac computer. Just follow the on-screen prompts for your platform.

Starting a meeting

After installation, you can start a meeting from the website or desktop app immediately if needed. To use the website, simply click on Start your meeting button. Then you must select your audio option from the computer or phone call.

If you choose computer audio, you'll be prompted to test your microphone and speakers, which is a good idea to avoid potential problems before your meeting starts . So, you're on your way to your first online meeting.

To start a meeting from the desktop app, simply open it and click Meeting Now button. GoToMeeting will automatically open with the same audio options as the website. Make your choice from a computer or a phone call, then start your meeting.

Schedule a meeting

You likely plan your meetings in advance, and you can access scheduling sessions in two different ways. You can first visit GoToMeeting on the web, sign in, and then select Schedule .

You have a variety of options for a recurring meeting, audio selection, co-organizers, and setting a password for the meeting.

Alternatively, you can open the app on your desktop and click Scheduled Meeting button. A popup window will give you the various scheduling options. This is a convenient method because it doesn't require you to open your browser or visit the website to schedule your meeting.

Scheduling Your Meeting Online Meeting Guide:Software &Strategy Online Meeting Guide:Software &Strategy Modern video conferencing services are easy to use and available to almost anyone with a computer or smartphone. The ability to connect and meet with people online means we are no longer limited by geographic location. Read More

Characteristics of the meeting

GoToMeeting offers a nice variety of features to organize your sessions and give you everything you need for a successful online meeting.

Here are some of those features:

  • Web audio (free).
  • Share screen (free).
  • 1-Click Meetings (free).
  • Drawing tools.
  • Session recording.
  • Share keyboard and mouse.
  • Videoconference.
  • Conference Line How to Maintain a Successful Conference Call on Your iPhone How to Maintain a Successful Conference Call on Your iPhone Conference calling on your iPhone is basically a one-touch process, but there are other features you need to know about in order to facilitate the process. manage. Read more.

During your meeting

GoToMeeting offers easy sidebar navigation during your meeting. You can share and adjust your audio, screen, or webcam using the icons or tabs at the top. The sections below are expandable and include Audience View, Attendees, and Chat.

The Audience view Sections show you exactly what your attendees can see if you're sharing your screen. This is very useful so you don't have to continually ask participants if they are seeing what you intend.

Attendees Shows all participants and indicates next to their name if their audio is on or off, or if they're sharing their webcam.

the Chat The area is useful for including a welcome message, privately texting a participant, or communicating with your team if an audio problem arises.

Each of these sections has a useful purpose. Therefore, take advantage of these features and try to familiarize yourself with them before holding your first official meeting .

Ending their meeting

To end the meeting and close the application on a Windows computer, simply select the arrow next to Go to meeting at the top navigation and select Exit - End Meeting .

On a Mac, go to File in the GoToMeeting menu on your computer and choose End Meeting Of the options. You will then be prompted to confirm the end of the meeting.

Join a meeting

If it turns out that you are a meeting participant and not the presenter, you do not have to set up an account with GoToMeeting to join a session. You can visit the website and click Join a meeting or use the link provided by the meeting initiator and enter your meeting ID if prompted.

Notes on recordings

If you're on a paid plan and using the recording option, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. You can choose to record only the presenter's screen or include the audio of all participants speaking during the session.
  2. If you stop recording during a meeting, you can easily start it again by clicking the Restart button button.
  3. When the meeting ends, a pop-up will appear regarding your recording. You then have options to convert the recording immediately or open the recordings folder. Please note that Recordings must be converted for later viewing. with WMV, MOV, or MP4 file formats, depending on your platform.
  4. Your recordings will be saved locally to your computer by default and you can edit the file location if needed. To edit this on a Windows computer, simply select the arrow next to Go to meeting at the top navigation and select Preferences> Recording . On a Mac, go to Go to Meeting in your computer menu and choose Preferences> Recordings .
  5. Share or send a recording Top 5 Mac Screen Recorders to Capture Your Screen Top 5 Mac Screen Recorders to Capture Your Screen Need to capture your Mac screen? These are the best apps to capture your screen and create video screencasts on macOS. Read More is not currently an option in the GoToMeeting app.

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