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How to adjust your Google Calendar notifications on any device

If you are a Google Calendar user How to plan a full year in Google Calendar How to plan a full year in Google Calendar A year is a long time to meet your goals. Google Calendar can be the master planning tool for an entire year. These time management tips show you how. Read More But there are several ways you can customize, tweak, and change those helpful alerts.

On the web, your Android or iOS mobile device, and with Chrome, check out these quick and easy ways to handle Google Calendar notifications.

Customize notification times by calendar

If you have multiple calendars connected to Google Calendar, you can easily customize notifications for each one. For example, you may prefer to receive email notification for a shared calendar How to Optimize Google Calendar with Custom Settings How to Optimize Google Calendar with Custom Settings Have you adjusted the default Google Calendar settings to meet your needs? Just a few clicks can help you be more organized and save time. Read more . On the other hand, you may have access to your spouse's calendar, but you don't want to receive event notifications at all.

If you just want to change notifications for a calendar on the web, click the gear icon from the top right, and select Settings . Then click on Calendars tongue. To the right of the calendar you want to change, click the Edit notifications bind.

You can then adjust the method and time for your notifications. You can also set alerts for all-day events and create more than one default notification so you get alerts multiple times. Be sure to click the Save button after making any changes.

To remove notifications completely, follow the same steps as above on the web to access the details page of the desired calendar. Then click on the remove link to remove the notification and press the Save button.

Adjust default notification settings on mobile

Default notification times

A nice feature of Google Calendar is its ability to sync with mobile devices, giving you your calendar wherever you go.

Default event notifications that you set up on the web carry over to the Google Calendar app on your Android or iOS device and vice versa. You can change those default settings on the web or mobile and they will sync right away.

You adjust settings on Android and iOS in basically the same way. On Android, open Google Calendar, then from the menu on the left, tap Settings . On iOS, you'll select the gear icon from its left menu within the application.

Then on both devices tap Events Under the calendar you want to change. You can then adjust the default notifications for scheduled and all-day events, as well as create additional ones.

Default notification styles

To enable, disable or adjust how Receive notifications on your mobile device, differs from Android to iOS.

On your Android device, you'll make these changes within the Google Calendar app. Once again, navigate to your Settings from the application menu. Then tap General . When you scroll down, you'll see options to enable or disable notifications, use a standard or different alert tone, and turn vibration on or off.

On your iOS device, you will make these changes on your device settings, instead of the application Settings Open your device Settings , tap Notifications , and then scroll down and tap Google calendar . You can then enable or disable notifications, choose the badge app icon, choose an alert style, and activate the lock screen, just like you do with your other installed apps.

Change your desktop notification style

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First, you can use an Interrupt Alert that will appear in your browser. As the name suggests, it might break what you're doing on the web, but you can change this quickly.

Instead, you can use a Browser Alert which will open a notification on your desktop that can optionally play a sound. After viewing it, simply click on the X to close it or the alert itself to open the Google Calendar event in your browser.

To enable the type of notification you want, open Google Calendar on the web, click the gear icon from the top right, and select Settings . So, make sure you are in the General tab and scroll down to Notifications . Select the button to enable the option you want and click Save When you're done.

Edit individual event notifications

Edit events you created

To change the web notification type for an event you created, click the event and then click Edit event . Scroll down to the Notifications Area, make your adjustments, and click Save When you're done.

On your mobile device, tap the event and then pencil icon . You can then adjust the notification or add another one. Make sure to tap Save when you finish.

Edit events from Gmail

Google Calendar offers a useful feature to automatically add certain types of events to your calendar from Gmail. Combine this with your notifications and you'll be sure to get to the airport, restaurant or other reservation on time.

Unfortunately, Google Calendar doesn't support location-based notifications yet. But you can adjust alerts for Gmail events the same way you do for events you create from scratch, as described above.

Create notifications with the Chrome extension

Chrome has a very useful extension that you can use to create an event with a notification, Google Calendar (by Google). Once you install this tool, simply click the button on your toolbar, then Plus Sign to add a new event. Choose your connected calendar from the dropdown box, then add the event name and smart notification.

For example, you can enter “Lunch with Mom tomorrow at noon.” o “Meeting with new client at 2 PM on 5/1/17”. Click Add and the event, along with its notification, will appear in the Google calendar.

Tweak those notifications how you want them

With this variety of ways to customize and style your Google Calendar notifications, you should be covered anywhere, anytime. Plus, if you connect multiple calendars 9 Google Calendar Features You Should Be Using 9 Google Calendar Features You Should Be Using Google Calendar has more tricks up its sleeve than you might think. Our tips will help you organize events and reduce the time you spend managing your calendar. Read More

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