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How to disable OneNote from pasting source links

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It is worth mentioning that the feature has its uses. For example, if you're collecting research and want to be sure to cite all your sources, this feature can be invaluable - a great way to make sure you're giving credit where credit is due.

However, if you don't need to hold on to those links, it just adds another step you need to take when formatting your OneNote documents. If you don't need it, luckily it's easy to turn it off.

How to disable OneNote from pasting source code links

If you are using the latest version of OneNote that comes preloaded with Windows 10, this feature cannot be turned off. This setting is only available for OneNote 2016 users. Don't worry though, you can always download OneNote 2016 for free!

You should see a message that OneNote is already installed on your computer. Ignore that and click on Other download options . This will reveal a Free Download link. When you click on that link, a dialog will open allowing you to choose where to save the file or the download will start automatically, depending on your browser's download settings.

Now that you're using OneNote 2016, you can disable text from appearing every time you paste text from a website by doing the following:

  1. Go File> Options> Advanced .
  2. Under the Editing tab, uncheck Include link to source when pasting from web .
  3. Click OK . Source links should no longer be included in your OneNote documents.

Are there any other features you've had to disable or modify in OneNote? What are your favorite OneNote features? Let us know in the comments.